Friday, January 22, 2016

Fashion Friday - Yvonne

We're still recovering in my house.  The way things generally go, my oldest son (who is in school) gets sick first, then my youngest, then me.  My husband usually avoids most of it.  So this week, I'm the one who's miserable!

I'm sick.  The kids have been sick.  Naturally, I needed to make a doctor paper doll!

Funny thing, I had a dream about that university sweatshirt. I have vivid dreams anyway but it's even worse when I'm sick (or pregnant... The zombie dreams during my pregnancies have become the stuff of family legend!)

My doctor has a white coat, khakis, and a skirt for work with a sweatshirt, tank, shorts, and sneakers for running.  There's a nurse from 2013 is you want to add to your medical paper dolls! I named my doctor Yvonne after the first female doctor in Haiti.  It was nice to find a female doctor who had a name I haven't used yet.

I'm hoping to recover by Monday.  And there's a snowstorm coming this weekend.  Sounds like a good reason to stay in and write a paper doll tutorial!


  1. awww hope you're feeling better already!

    i really love your palettes. everything is so mix-and-matchable.

    i have total color envy!

    1. Thanks for the happy thoughts :) I think we're finally on an upswing. I wasn't well enough to get to a Monday post but I'll be back on track for Friday.

      The colors were partly inspired by the greenish color of scrubs. I didn't want scrubs in this set, but still kind of a medical color scheme, if that makes sense! One day, I'm going to print all of the 100+ dolls and have a massive game of mix & match :)

  2. I love the plaid skirt. I keep saying I'll do some medical paper dolls, but I just never seem to get around to it.

    1. I'd like to do more themed dolls, like careers, etc. I'm getting a little bored with this doll so I may do a few themed sets, then go back to toddlers for a while.