Friday, October 23, 2015

Halloween Toddler Fashion Friday - Lucas

First, old business:  If you're interested in participating in the Halloween round-robin, the deadline is fast approaching! Grab the paper doll and see the details here. Submissions are due Saturday, October 24th by midnight Eastern Standard Time.  We've had some great submissions so far -- make sure you send us yours!!

Now, this week's toddler paper doll, Lucas.

Lucas is a ghost for Halloween! This ghost costume should fit any of the boy toddlers and might fit most of the girl ones, too.  I'm really happy with this one!  My boys love hoodies right now, so I included one of those.  And I really like the colors.  Halloween doesn't have to be just blacks & greys!

Next week is the last Halloween toddler.  I'm not sure what I'll make yet, so if you want to share an idea, go for it!  I do know it'll be a girl, but that's it.  Til then, sharpen your pencils (or Photoshop, Illustrator, etc...) and send in your masquerade paper doll outfits!


  1. Why not a collection of animal costumes? You could do a mouse, a tiger, a chicken, whatever you want.

  2. All boys love hoodies. Once I was teaching a class of mostly undergrad boys and I did a count. No one wasn't either wearing a hoodie or had a hoodie over the back of their chair.

    Needless to say, I love this paper doll. The colors are wonderful and the plaid shirt is especially cute.