Friday, September 4, 2015

Mix and Match Wardrobe Sheet 2

We've been busy around here lately!  This week, my oldest son met his kindergarten teacher.  The time has FLOWN by.... I can't believe what little people my kids have become.  I'm a bit emotional about him leaving for school.  I've been home with him pretty much every day of his life.  But he's super excited and I'm hoping he loves school as much as I did.

Anyway.... I'm wondering if I'll have more time or less to devote to paper dolls with just one kiddo in the house all day.  My youngest is pretty creative, so maybe we'll draw together!

I also took the time to cut out my mix and match paper doll.  Honestly, I don't do this often enough.  Sure, it all looks like it's going to fit when I draw it all out, but sometimes it doesn't.  Which I discovered while cutting.  Not that the fit is bad, mind you, but some of the pants have tabs that don't quite work.  I just cut them off and continued on.  Also, wigs.  I love creating alternate hairstyles for my paper dolls but they never fit right.  I'll have to experiment with some different techniques.

But how great is this picture?!  Paper dolls, cut out and in the wild! A while back, I saw that people were sending pictures of minifigs in the wild to Lego.  I'd love to see some of my dolls out in the wild! If you've cut out my paper dolls, send me a picture & I'll share it

Ok, ok, enough chatter.  Here's the wardrobe sheet.
Right-click to download and print

This is the complete collection.  Each doll now has two hairstyles and a zillion piece wardrobe.  I have a few more drawings completed and I'll color them soon, using a different color palette. 
Enjoy this set.  It was a lot of fun to color!  And remember, send in your paper dolls out in the world!

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