Monday, May 25, 2015

Fantasy Paper Doll: Winter Dress

Happy Memorial Day to those of you in the US.  This is in no way a Memorial Day paper doll! I wish I had thought to make one.  I didn't.  I'll put lady soldier on my long list of paper dolls to create!

Today I have a fantasy paper doll outfit.  I learned recently that windy days on the playground are not the best environment to use my carbon paper transfer method to create paper dolls.  Instead, I printed out some templates on a very light cyan and drew directly on top of them.  If I wanted perfectly clean line art, this probably wouldn't be the best method, but it worked well for this project.  Once I draw my images, I scan them and delete the blue in Photoshop. Since these are black & white, it's as simple as changing the cyan color to white in the black & white adjustment option.

Hopefully this means I'll be able to create more fantasy paper dolls!

Today's fantasy outfit is based on an outfit I saw (via Pinterest) on Armstreet's website. Really, I'd love to do an entire paper doll just based on their clothing! It's unbelievable!

The idea with this dress is to have the decorative areas cut away to see the dress underneath.  It would be a bit more obvious if this was a colored image.

The doll for this outfit can be found here. Enjoy!

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