Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Paper Doll School Yearbook

Over the holidays, I thought a lot about this blog.  I love writing "lessons" and posting dolls to the "school".  So I thought, why not a yearbook?  I've collected all the Fashion Friday dolls together and added some bonus material, and created a book.  I think I'll do one every year.  This year's is small because it only really covers 6 months.  I haven't been posting for very long, after all.  There are 22 full-color dolls with 23 full-color outfits and an instructions page with some variations.  It's available on Lulu.com.  I haven't decided if I want it up on Amazon yet.  Something to think about.  Anyway, here's a preview.  Let me know what you think!

This is the front and back cover of the book.  I wanted the front cover to have a school and resemble a yearbook.  The school background is a vector drawing I did in Illustrator.  I wanted the back cover to reflect the overall feel of the blog.

This is a low-res preview of the book.  I separated the dolls from the outfits.  I thought it would give me more space to expand each dolls wardrobe.  And it certainly did!  At the moment, I have no plans to publish the extra outfits on the blog.  That could change since I have a tendency to be forgetful but not any time soon.

The blog has been a real labor of love for me.  I'm looking forward to next year's yearbook - it'll have about a hundred dolls!  Maybe I'll need to break it into semesters...

One last thing.  I use Lulu.com to publish my dolls.  So far, I am incredibly pleased with it.  If anyone is interested in a tutorial about publishing a doll, I'd be happy to put one together.  Just drop me a comment or an email.


  1. Your yearbook is awesome! I like your idea for putting extra outfits, it makes it more special.
    I can't wait for next year too!

  2. Very lovely! I have looked into publishing some childrens stories I have written on Lulu. Is this your first time? I would be curious to know how your experience goes. Lovely dolls, and I love the idea of it being bound in the manner of a yearbook, very creative!

    1. Thank you :) This is the 4th book I've put together on Lulu. It's a pretty straightforward process. I'll put together a review/tutorial for it in the next few days. Or weeks....

  3. Hi! I'm Jess and i'm 12 next week, I'm really excited because I love the designs and they are really unique an beautiful, plus, I've managed to persuade my mum into letting me buy this book for my birthday. I hope you make another one this/next year! :)

  4. Hey Jess! Thanks so much for the kind words. And I'm thrilled that you like the dolls that much. Buying, making, and playing with paper dolls were a big part of my childhood -- and one of the reasons why I started studying art. I hope you love the book. If you decide to cut them out, I recommend gluing the doll pages to something stiff, like cardstock or a manilla folder. Then cut the doll and shoe slits out. The outfits are fine as they are.

    I am working on another Yearbook. I'm going to release two a year - a Spring term and Fall term. Each will have about 20 dolls. It's a nice, manageable size.

    I really hope you enjoy the book & have a great birthday :)