Monday, November 5, 2012

Shameless Self Promotion Monday

Update, November 2015:

I stopped working on this project a while ago.  There was very little interest and I've set it aside.  I've thought about re-opening an Etsy shop but haven't completed anything yet.


I realized yesterday that I missed the Fashion Friday upload.  I blame it on the storm :) Hopefully today's post will make up for it.

Why is it Shameless Self Promotion Monday?  Well, because I just opened an Etsy shop.  I have a new line of dolls called PaperJanes.  They can be customized and personalized.  At the moment, they are available in 3 skin tones, 4 hair colors, and 4 eye colors.  More will be available soon.

So here's what happens: you go to the Etsy shop, select the wardrobe you want, choose the hair & eye colors you want.  Then, you purchase the doll & start a conversation with me by clicking on the Contact the Shop Owner link.  In the conversation, you tell me what skin tone you want and what name you'd like on your doll.  I then send you a pdf to download and play with.  You can print this file over & over again (for personal use, of course).  And the best part is that all dolls and outfits are interchangeable!

I'm hoping to have lots of themes available.  The next set will be a winter wardrobe and a holiday wardrobe, and then princesses, historical costumes, etc.  I'm really hoping to make this a massive, on-going project.

As a preview, I have three sample dolls available for download (for free of course) here. I have one of each skin tone, and these all coordinate with the rest of the PaperJanes line as well.

Each wardrobe will also be available in a black & white coloring set as well.  Each doll includes outfits to color on the Instructions page.

I'm thrilled with the way this turned out.  Since this blog is about technique, let me tell you that this doll was made in Adobe Illustrator.  Which dovetails nicely into the next lesson.

I know I've been a little haphazard about lessons & fashion doll downloads.  My intention is to get back on track for next week.  We'll have an intro to Illustrator on Monday.

Til then, enjoy these downloads.  And tell everyone you know about PaperJanes!


  1. I went to check out your etsy store but the link only showed your profile not your store. I couldn't find any of your paper dolls. Where can I find them? Thank you Aly. :)

    1. Truthfully, I shut down that project. There was very little interest in it. I've thought about restarting it but haven't gotten around to it.