Thursday, August 23, 2012

Another New Doll!

I wasn't sure if I would ever finish this doll & I certainly didn't expect to get it ready to publish, but I surprised myself I guess!  This doll started as a sketch I was working on while waiting in the hospital for my first niece to be born.  I've been puttering away on it for a while.  I took the sketches, outlined them in pen, and scanned them.  I then converted the outlines to vectors in Illustrator, and colored them in Photoshop.  The flat color just didn't look right, so I layered a watercolor texture over it.  And if all of that sounds confusing, it's part of the upcoming lessons so it will make more sense...

This is just a preview of the doll.  There are 15 outfits total and, like the Goddess and Fairy dolls, it's available on  Not sure if I'm going to put it up on Amazon yet...   

If there's any interest, I could also make these available on Lulu as a pdf download.  Anyway, go take a look at the newest title!


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    1. I started by making them as a kid, too. There was a Crayola fashion stencil kit that I just loved. Thanks for stopping by :)