Monday, July 16, 2012

Alternate Transfer Methods - Photocopy

In this lesson, we're going to go over three other transfer methods: photocopying, carbon paper, and charcoal transfer.  We'll go over photocopying first since that will be used in the other two methods as well.

Materials list:
Doll template
Computer with scanner OR a photocopier
Clear tape
Pencil, printer paper, eraser
OPTIONAL: fine tip colored marker or pen

Step 1:
First, take a copy of your doll.  We'll be lining up multiple copies of the doll on one sheet of paper to create a master sheet.

Step 2:
For my doll, I can only fit two templates per standard sheet of paper.  I take the photocopy and tape it to the original doll, trying to align the bottoms of the bases.  No need to be perfect here.  Once you have the dolls taped on to a sheet of paper, copy that sheet.  This becomes the master sheet.

Step 3:
Copy the master sheet as many times as needed.  I draw my outfits directly on this sheet at this point.

Step 4:
Once I draw my outfits, I like to trace them in another color (either with a fine marker or pen).  I used an archival red pen.  This is a little easier to see when tracing the outfits on to your final paper or for scanning outfits in to work with digitally.

Now that we have a master photocopy, we're going to use it to try out carbon paper transfer and charcoal transfer. Next lesson will cover carbon paper transfer.

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