Thursday, March 29, 2018

March Paper Doll - Set 5

This is it! The last sheet in the March paper doll series.  I loved the colors this month & although I wawsn't crazy about the doll at first, it really grew on me over the course of the month.

The themes for this set were fun, too.  For "icing" I made a drippy cake-inspired top.  "Can" I decided to go a bit more abstract - I went with a "can-do" attitude with a Rosie the Riveter inspired overall set.  "Stretch" is a basic pair of leggings.  "Hair" is a fur vest.  For "house" I went with a 1930s inspired house dress. "Dance" is a ballet inspired outfit.  And then "fruit" is a pineapple colored dress. Finally, there's a random skirt just for fun.

April will have a new doll, the last of the new dolls. I'm eager to get started on the new set and I'll have the first one up sometime next week! 

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