Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Inking in ArtRage - Video

It's yet another snow day here in northern Massachusetts.  My kids are now wild.  Sorry, civilization, you lost!

Today I'm posting a video capture I took a couple of weeks ago.  It's me, inking a top in ArtRage.  It's about seven minutes long with no audio, no editing, and no commentary at all. It was an experiment to 1) see if I could do it and 2) see how long it takes me to draw.

I'm happy with the video.  It was cool to see that I could do it.  I may try to do this more - I may even learn to edit/add text, etc! As far as drawing goes, I've migrated almost completely to ArtRage.  I sketch and ink in that program now.  I could actually do ALL of my work in ArtRage, but I'm taking baby steps. (As usual, no one paid me to say that - I just love it all on my own!!)

So if you, too, are enjoying another Nor'easter barricaded in your home, here's a little video to brighten your day!


  1. Interesting. My daughter is currently teaching herself to draw using a digital tablet/program and it's definitely cool to watch. I'm not sure it will ever overtake pencils for my preferred medium, but it's still really neat.

    1. I never thought I'd draw more on a screen than on paper, but it's worked surprisingly well. I like ArtRage because it's very straightforward and at $70, A LOT less expensive than other options. It's also able to do just about everything I want.

      Tablets are important, too. I had a Wacom for a long time and it was always very reliable. When I upgraded my computer, I got a Surface Pro 3. It has some issues but overall, drawing directly on the screen has been great. And there are a lot more touch screen computers now than there were when I got mine.

      Good luck to your daughter - I have really learned to love digital art!