Tuesday, January 23, 2018

January Paper Doll - Set 5

Today we have the rare Tuesday post! I've posting these doodle-a-day paper dolls as I finish them instead of on a set-in-stone schedule.  As it is, I feel like I'm very behind!

This set covers days 18 through 21. It's a little less jam packed with pieces partly because the themes were a bit more challenging.

Right-click to download, print, and color

Right-click to download

The themes for this set were: row, warmth, cheese, hugs, and under.  For "row" I went with a rowing uniform and windbreaker.  "Warmth" is a pretty standard peacoat and jeans.  I struggled a bit with "cheese" and hugs but they came out ok.  For "under" I went with a slip in the same pattern as the pajamas for "sleep" and robe I made for "bath".

Stay tuned for the next round of outfits....posted whenever I finish them!


  1. wow another great set of outfits. my only comment is the row outfit looks a bit flesh toned which makes it seem... sexy? love the cheese shirt.

    1. I had thought the same thing about the rowing uniform but I went with it anyway. This series has been very heavy on blue so I didn't want another blue. But yeah, not an ideal color choice there!