Tuesday, December 8, 2015

December Paper Doll -- Santa Claus, Outfit 4

Ok, we're back on track today.  Sorry about that little mix up!

Today we have the first of what I call hunter plaid, but recently found out is actually called "buffalo check" or "buffalo plaid".  I'm not sure of its origins -- that's another project for another day.  The reason I always thought of it as hunter plaid is because that's what all of the hunters in my home state of Vermont wore during hunting season.  My father wears the red & black while one of my grandfather's wears green & black.  If you're ever in New England, go to Johnson Woolen Mills. I have my own Johnson Woolen hunting jacket (it was too small for my dad) and I love it. Warmest jacket I own and might end up being multi-generational.  It's built that well! Anyway, Johnson Woolen is an institution and was the inspiration for this set of outfits. 

Tomorrow, Mrs Claus is sporting her plaid outfit.  I need to add sewing to my list of things to learn.  I'd LOVE to make myself a quilt from Johnson Woolen flannel fabrics.  There's always time to learn!

Feel free to right-click to download this and I'll have the pdf at the end of the month!

If you're looking for the dolls, you can grab them here.


  1. buffalo plaid's been around since the 1850s ~ (woolrich mills claims to be the source of origin: http://www.woolrich.com/woolrich/)

    probably derivative of scottish tartan and popularized by huntsmen throughout the 19th century ~ many of whom were buffalo hunters.

    also: can't wait to see mrs. claus' matching plaid!

  2. I love the buffalo plaid coat- that's really cute & I like the fold in the trousers.

    I've been enjoying your Santa and Mrs. Claus paper dolls this month so far.

  3. Maybe I'll do an all plaid/tartan paper doll sometime! I love all things plaid. The history of plaid seems very interesting. I certainly didn't want to claim to know anything about the history of buffalo plaid but I totally want to find out more now!