Wednesday, December 9, 2015

December Paper Doll -- Mrs Claus, Outfit 4

Yesterday I shared Santa in his plaid jacket.  Today I have Mrs Claus in her plaid cape.

This cape is loosely based on capes from Johnson Woolen Mills in Vermont.  Really, just go visit.  The building is old and creaky and amazing.  I haven't been in years, but Dad and I keep talking about taking my boys to get their first Johnson Woolen jackets.  We'll make a family trip of it one of these days.

The other influence for is Armstreet.  They have the most amazing fantasy, Ren-Faire, historical revival clothing.  I could just make an Armstreet inspired paper doll and be blissfully happy.

 So there it is, Mrs Claus in plaid.  Right-click to grab it now or wait for the pdf at the end of the month.

If you're looking for the dolls, you can grab them here.


  1. lovely! not at all what i expected since i thought you'd go with a more rugged look. always nice to have one's boring expectations subverted!

    and i'd totally wear that cape. : D

    1. Gotcha!! I thought about posting my sketches each day, like I did on the first day, but it's too big of a reveal. So I'm not.

      The cape is based on something I saw years ago at Johnson Woolen. I was a teen so way too young for an awesome plaid cape. But now that I'm settling comfortably into my middle years, I am both old enough and can afford an awesome cape. I may grab one next time I'm up that way. It wasn't full length, but I can live with that.

      The outfit for Mrs Claus actually came first and I had to think of something to match for Santa. There's been a back-and-forth throughout the project like that.

  2. Lovely buffalo plaid cape. It's so fun that she's holding a present.

    1. Thanks! I love the little present, too. I find creating poses is one of the most challenging parts of creating a paper doll. I wanted to do something with her hands and not just tuck them away or fold them in front of her.