Friday, November 27, 2015

Toddler Fashion Friday - Black and White Round 4

Happy Friday!  I'll admit that I totally forgot it was Friday.  And so the holiday blur begins....

As promised, I have the final installment of the black & white toddler paper dolls.  My nieces and I colored & cut these at Thanksgiving and it was great!  And my mom made some suggestions that I need to think about.  There may be some minor modifications in the future.

I also promised a preview of the December paper doll.

Here it is! These are some of the sketches for Santa and Mrs Claus.  I have the dolls & first week or so of out fits ready to go.  That might be a new record for me!  It's coming along beautifully and I think this will be the best December doll yet.

Here are the two toddlers -- right-click to download & print.  I noticed while printing and cutting these yesterday that there are some discrepancies among these dolls that I want to fix.  It's pretty much just color differences and it's making me crazy.  I'll fix those before I share a pdf. 

Anyway, I'll start posting the December dolls on the 1st.  Mark your calendar :)


  1. the december doll outfits look awesome! very excited to see them start posting!

    and yes, the blur indeed. it's going to be new years before we know it!

    1. I've had 3 Thanksgivings, we're going to have 2 birthdays, and 4 Christmas celebrations as well as an annual New Year's Eve with friends. The blur gets to be a bit much but it's hard to complain about having that many friends & family :)

  2. I love your December doll projects and I can't wait to see this one. :)

    1. This is easily going to be the most elaborate December doll I've ever made. I'm excited/nervous about getting it done!!