Monday, November 2, 2015

Akinyi and Friends Paper Doll Book

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Masquerade paper doll project.  It came out great and I would LOVE to do another collaboration!

On Halloween, I got a treat of my own -- my proof copy of Akinyi and Friends: A Mix and Match Paper Doll Book.   I learned my lesson with the last paper doll book debacle and ordered a proof copy immediately after creating the book! 

Here are the front and back covers.  I really liked the watercolor background and wanted to include it here.  The dolls are slightly smaller than the ones I posted on the blog.  They needed to fit better on an 8.5 by 11 page.

I also included a preview on the title page.  I don't know why I didn't think of this sooner...!  The preview includes some of the new wardrobe I developed specifically for the book.

For this book edition, I included  4 new full-color wardrobe pages and 3 coloring pages.  The book came out great!  Here are a couple of pictures of my copy.

I'm really excited with the way this book came out.  I may revisit these dolls in another book at some point. Creating a mix and match wardrobe with a limited color palette was a challenge and I'm really glad I did it.

You can grab your copy here and it'll will be on soon, too.  So will the Fairy Tale and Ghoulish Girls books.

For the month of November, I'll be posting black & white toddler dolls to color.  And I need to get started on the December doll....! Check back Friday for the toddlers!!


  1. congratulations on the book ~ it looks lovely!

    really love your textures! that's something i am trying to learn to be better at.

    1. Thanks :) It feels a bit self-indulgent to promote my self-published book but I really am pleased with how it came out.

      I've spent several years working in Illustrator and now I'm working more in Photoshop, specifically for the textures. I still have a lot to learn!

    2. It is absolutely not self-indulgent to promote your self-published book. After all, your readers want to know a new book has come out and you should promote it. Promote away, I say!

      I noticed you put the dolls on the cover. I assume that's for the "cardstock" and I was wondering, do you find it is thick enough to really be playable? I suppose I should just order one and find out for myself. :)

    3. Promoting my art has always been difficult for me. Having a blog helps, honestly.

      And yes, I do put the dolls on the cover because the cover is thicker stock. I haven't cut out a book yet -- I have a couple of rejected proof books & I keep meaning to do it. The cover stock on the books is thicker than the card stock I typically use in my home printer so I think it would work well. It also reminds me of some of the vintage paper dolls that used the same method. I don't know the actual thicknesses but I could probably find out. I think they would be playable. I'll need to test it!