Friday, November 20, 2015

Toddler Fashion Friday - Black and White Round 3

We're at the halfway point of these black and white toddler paper dolls!  Having these prepared in advance has allowed me a little extra time to create the December paper doll series.  It's a good one and I'm really excited to share it!! It's Santa and Mrs. Claus and the sketches came out great!

For today, here are the dolls.

I'll admit, between the Santa paper doll, client work, and family stuff, I've been pretty busy.  If I haven't gotten to comments/emails, etc, I will soon.

Next week I'll have the last black & white toddlers and a preview of the Santa paper doll.  Til then, have a great week!


  1. These two are really cute. I think its neat how simple shapes and clothing designs become so vivid and dynamic with your color selections.

    I always look forward to your holiday project. Can't wait to see it.

  2. (your blog eats my comments ~ regularly). reposting:

    been meaning to tell you: i love how you do your shoes! i always get frustrated with all those little single shoes in paper doll sets ~ this is a great way to solve that problem without including the whole base!

    1. Sorry about the blog eating your comments...! Not sure why that happens.

      I, too, hate tiny paper doll accessories. I try to make things like shoes big enough that losing them might be a little harder. The slit & tab method I use on the fashion dolls works surprisingly well so I used it here, too. One of those instances where actually cutting out a doll made a difference!