Monday, May 4, 2015

Fantasy Paper Doll: A Lady in Armor

Here's the second installment in my fantasy paper doll series.  I've always been interested in women's armor.  For a previous issue of Paper Doll Studio, there was a Queen Elizabeth dress-a-doll feature.  What did I send? A suit of armor, of course!

Today I have a suite of armor for our lady.  The boots are a total mess! I'm trying to draw & post these without a tone of Photoshop or other editing.  These are supposed to be low-pressure sketches.  Not because I don't think they deserve attention, but more because I need to allow myself a measure of imperfection.

And this one is imperfect! There are things I love anyway.  I've always loved drawing Elizabethan style ruffs and there's one in here.  And the draped fabric is as much to add femininity as to cover flaws in my drawing!

Anyway, enjoy! The first outfit and doll can be found here.


  1. i was idly drafting a fantasy warrior woman paper doll today and did a random google search and found this: to my delight and surprise! how did i miss this whole series before? it's awesome!

    : D

    1. First, I'm glad Google like my stuff :) I sometimes wonder how anyone finds my random stuff.

      Secondly, it's was a super short series. Like 5 or 6 pages total. I had this grand plan that didn't pan out and I keep thinking I should go back and try again.

      I'm glad you like it!!