Tuesday, July 3, 2018

June Paper Doll - Set 4

Quick post today! I have a TON of stuff to do!! I know it's July but I am determined to finish this ENTIRE project up so no skipping around.  Today is the fourth sheet in the June set. One more then on to July.

The themes are: yoga, sunglasses, summer, bee, pink, and window.  The romper is one of my favorites - I tried to make some interesting shoes for once!

One more June set to go.... Gotta get to that! I'll take the 4th off and a happy 4th of July to all of those celebrating!


  1. you'll get it done! Happy 4th to you & your family! I just received my 2 book order from Lulu & I love it! There's at least 1 more book I want to go back & get. With the black & whites being on slick coated stock, what do you recomend to use for coloring? I prefer colored pencils but will try anything.

    1. I'm glad you like the books! There are two things I would recommend with the coloring sheets. First, if you have access to a printer/copier, I would copy them (make sure it's set to 100% and not scale to fit). That way you can make as many copies to color as you'd like! Secondly, if you want to color directly on the sheets, I find markers work best. Gel pens are ok but smear a little. Colored pencils and crayons leave a subtle color but not a very bright one.

      I hope that helps! Enjoy :)