Friday, December 29, 2017

Paper Doll Collaboration 2017 - Winter Wardrobe

This is the last entry of the Paper Doll Collaboration project! I'm still amazed that we all found time every month to get this done! And I'm so happy with everyone's contributions. They're all so different & so unique.

Have all of you enjoyed it? Would you like to see more of this? We'll see what we can manage....

Here's my winter wardrobe:

I have said a million times that I'm from Vermont. I grew up riding on snow machines, ice skating, and generally bundled up from September to April. I wanted to include some of that in this wardrobe.  There's a snowsuit, complete with mittens & a hot beverage.  There's a more "flatlander" appropriate fur-trimmed coat and boots.  And, not to be forgotten, a toque.  (What's a toque? In Vermont, it's pronounced "tuke" and it's a tight-fitted knit hat.  Apparently it's a very Canadian thing, which I'm not surprised about at all....We all had at least one!)

To round out your collection, visit Paper Thin Personas, Miss Missy's Paper Dolls, and Pop Culture and Paper dolls.

To download my complete set, click here

And thanks for joining in on the fun! If you're downloaded the complete wardrobe, you should have 4 dolls with 48 mix and match sheets. If you've colored them or cut them out, I'd love to see them!

There's once more Little Ladies sheet and then I'm done for this year!


  1. Love the mittens with the cup of something hot. I think it was very smart to put everything into one file for easy download.

    1. Part of the reason behind the mittens was that I didn't want to draw a hand!

      I'm sad to see this project end but I'm excited for the next round!

  2. So interesting, we call them "beanies" here in the NW (no clue why). That looks like the perfect outfit for the weather we're getting right now :)

    1. I've heard beanie, too. There's a section of northern New England that's more like Canada South than anything!! Although that's changed a lot, too.

      Much as I like winter, I am OVER this deep freeze! We're having record cold in New England and I may start dressing like this :)