Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Little Ladies: Outfit Sheet 9

There comes a time every December when I'm not sure I can finish.  It's tough to pull a month-long project off! This year has been no exception.  I'll give it my best!!

Right-click to download and print

These dresses are from 1874.  Many of this month's sets would be better as one-piece outfits.  I don't make a lot of those for paper dolls in general, and I really didn't want to for this project.  I love mix and match options! I've modified almost every set in this series in some way that's different from my source material.  And that's ok! It's a reference, not a perfect reproduction!

Anyway...come back for more on the 21st! 


  1. I love the skirt on the left. It's beautiful.

    1. This skirt is a prime example of why a symmetrical set can be nice - I drew one side & flipped it!