Friday, September 8, 2017

Summer Fun - Coloring Sheet 4

My baby left for kindergarten this week. And I was a bit emotional!

My handsome kiddos! 

It's been an adjustment this week.  Not a bad one, by any stretch! I always thought that this would be the year I'd go back to work and have a "real" job.  The truth is, that isn't happening. Instead, my grandmother (who has been widowed for a year & a half, has had a stroke, and is losing her sight) is moving in with us.  She's been managing well but she lives in northern Vermont and my father & I agreed (as did she) that she needed to be a bit closer to the rest of us. She and are are close anyway, and this is a great choice for all of us.

Having said that, now that I have a more or less empty house and time on my hands, I'll get back to actual drawing next week! This week I spent catching up on things that needed to be done.  Next week, it's all about making art again! 

Today is the last of the summer fun coloring sheets.  I have some fun ideas coming up, too! 

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