Wednesday, May 15, 2013

OPDAG kids issue is out!

I just received my copy of the kids' issue of OPDAG's Paperdoll Studio magazine and it is beautiful! I contributed a little boy doll and a dress-a-doll selection.  The dress-a-doll is an occasional feature where an artist designs a doll and other artists contribute outfits.

This is my contribution.  Feel free to download & print it.  It's also available as a book at as a full color doll complete with 12 outfits.

So the top image is of the outfits I sent to the dress-a-doll feature and the bottom image is a scan of the dolls.  Really fun project! All of the contributors came up with some lovely outfits. 

If you can get a copy of the magazine you should.  It's always a treat and filled with great paper dolls.

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