Monday, May 13, 2013

May is Crazy!

I don't have a formal lesson for today.  I have a few months every year that are crazy, and May is typically one of them.  Every year I have three birthdays, a wedding anniversary, Mother's Day, and Memorial Day.  I tend to see my extended family and sometimes my in-laws at some or all of these events.  Add to this a two-day graduation event and things start getting nuts.  I was in three states over the course of two days!!

Anyway... I want to share a few updates.

First, I attended my cousin's graduation over the weekend.  I made a paper doll for her in March -- she has the same birthday as my youngest son, so I thought it would make a fun present.  I took it one step further and made it a magnetic doll.

She loved it and I loved making it.  Because I eliminated the tabs, I was able to fit more outfits on a single sheet of printable magnet.  Here's the preview of the full doll.  If anyone wants to print the fashion Friday dolls out on magnetic sheets, I highly recommend it with one tip: the hands are really tough to cut out.  This doll almost lost her fingers.  The shoes, however, are way more successful as magnets than they are in paper.

Second, I am posting a multi-page doll on Friday.  I'm not going to say much, except that it's a theme I'm very excited about and it has a sci-fi influence.  You'll have to wait and see.

Third, I'm working on a doll I'd like to have published with a *real* publisher.  As such, it's going to take some attention but I won't be able to share any of the details here.  Think happy thoughts for me :)

Fourth, the newest issue of OPDAG's paper doll magazine is on its way.  When it arrives, I'll share some of that here.

And finally, what should I write for lessons?  I'm starting to run out of ideas.  I have a couple more software lessons I'd like to try, as well as a doll in oil paints and maybe markers.  Perhaps more mini lessons or going in-depth on certain subjects? Any ideas/suggestions are welcome.  I love writing the lessons and people seem to enjoy reading them.  I actually gave my 5 year old niece a paper doll lesson this weekend and it was super gratifying!!

So any and all ideas are welcome.  Look for an amazing, out-of-this world doll set on Friday!

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