Monday, December 31, 2018

December Paper Doll - Set 5

BOOM! It's done!

I wasn't sure I'd manage it, but I did! This is the last page of the December paper doll and the last page of the year-long paper doll project.

In January, I plan on writing a proper wrap-up of 2018.  It was a busy year & I have a lot to share.  But for today, enjoy this last page in the series.  There are 63 sheets in this year-long set - so PLENTY of fun to be had!!

The final set of themes are here! First up "peace" - I went with an angel.  "Log" is leggings that match the fireside top from a previous sheet.  "Snow" is a fur trimmed, snowflake patterned dress. "Swan" is a simple sweater. "Deer" is a patterned skirt and boots. "Coat" is a fur coat with satin bow.  And finally, "ring" is a large, bright diamond ring and a red silky top.

So that's it. Did you love the project? Did you hate it?! I fall a little bit in both categories! I enjoyed making all of these but it was a much bigger project than I should have tackled. I don't think I'll ever take on such a big project again.  Next year will be a bit more compact here on the ol' blog.

Happy New Year to all of you - I'll be back in January with more!


  1. This is so impressive! What a lot of work you put into this! But we have an amazing set of paper dolls, so thank you so much! I'm really glad you stuck with it, I really love these dolls. Thank you again! Hope you have a great 2019!

    1. Thank you SO MUCH for sticking with the whole project :)

      And have a happy new year as well. Many more fun things in store...!

  2. So glad you stuck with the series, very inspiring! Have a wonderful 2019

    1. Happy new year, too!! It's been fun but it's time for a change!