Wednesday, October 24, 2018

October Paper Doll - Set 4

October is flying by!! We're all getting excited for Halloween.  My oldest is dressing up as a video game character (Genji from Overwatch for anyone who knows what that is!) and my youngest wanted to be a scary pumpkin. We found a mask & a robe and we're DIYing it.

Very scary if you ask me!

Speaking of scary... I am loving the spooky themes this month!

The themes for this set are so fun! First up is a "bat" skirt. "Treat" is a candy corn patterned apron for baking.  "Band" is a sparkly skeleton band on a t-shirt. "Spirit" is a Victorian ghost costume with matching white hair. Because I love to mix-and-match, the parts of the costume would work with other wardrobe pieces, too. "Brew" is a cauldron of witches' brew. And "light" is a moon and star themed tunic.  There's a black top and leggings to mix and match.

One more set to go for October. And only two more months to go! There's also going to be a collaboration set so look for that, too.

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