Friday, October 19, 2018

October Paper Doll - Set 3

Sometimes the stars align! Today (the 19th) is the last day of prompts on my paper doll page today.  Yay!! That rarely happens...

I really like the themes for October.  Some are a little random, but most are pretty great.

First up is "dream" and I made a set of retro pajamas with the fall leaf motif on it from set 1. "Gate" I made a graphic tee with a cemetery gate on it. "Spider" is sparkly spider web leggings with spider web accented shoes. "Owl" is a Halloween owl applique on a sweater. "Pasta" is another graphic shirt.  "Vehicle" is a goth's dream - a tee with a hearse on it.  And there's a hairstyle with spider web earrings, a pair of orange jeans, and a black skirt for mix-and-match options.

Next Friday is another collaboration sheet but I'm hoping to get another October sheet up before then!

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