Thursday, August 9, 2018

July Paper Doll - Set 3

I'm slowly working through the July drawing prompts.  It's been hot and humid here in New England so, aside from a few trips to the lake, we've been stuck inside. Might as well be winter!!

All of my back to school shopping is finished, thankfully.  We scheduled a family vacation (2 cars, 4 generations, a cabin in Tennessee, and LOTS of fun!!) and we will be back one day before school starts! I think we're all just about ready. My kids may be feral.

First up is "dachshund" so I made a poodle skirt with a puppy on it. And I think I spelled it wrong in my images.  Oops.  Then there's "ice cream" with a graphic tee and sprinkle covered skater skirt.  "Hug" is a repeat theme from January - I used the same heart/hug image with this month's colors.  "Grill" is a picnic inspired grilling apron.  For "movie" I didn't know what to do so I created a red carpet gown perfect for a Hollywood star.  And finally, "yard" was another tough one so I made a floral striped top with green pants, maybe for gardening. 

I have two sheets left to wrap up July and I'll be getting those up soon!

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