Monday, October 9, 2017

Josephine Out in the World

Every once and a while, I get a request for paper dolls.  Sometimes it's a custom order (which you can do on the Etsy site).  Sometimes it's a suggestion for a theme or a doll or something of that sort.  And I only do those if I'm feeling up to it.  Not every theme is for me and, well, this blog is my pet project and I do what I want with it!!

I really love requests with an education angle.  Some of the Kawaii Kids were used by a school a few years ago. And I created a custom order for a school teacher with paper dolls in business wardrobes.  I loved that one! Today, I'm sharing some images from an event which utilized Josephine.

I was contacted about using Josephine as part of a women's ministry activity.  And the pictures are great! Lola Lewis of the Lincoln Park Community Baptist Church out in Columbus, Ohio made the request & then was kind enough to share some pictures from the event.  These are just a few.

Ms. Lewis sent me just the sweetest email about the event! The ladies had a wonderful time cutting out & dressing Josephine and even introduced some of the teens there to the "lost" art of paper dolls.  A great time was had by all & I'm so happy to have had a small part in that.

As a random side-note, Josephine is ranked in the top million books on Amazon so feel free to grab a copy and bump that number up!!

So thank you again for sharing these fantastic images! And if anyone has images they'd like to share of my paper dolls past & present, I'd love to see them!


  1. How fun! I love seeing my paper dolls out in the world.

    1. Me too! There are so many more creative ways to use paper dolls than I would have ever thought of...

  2. this is the best thing ever! here's to hoping your hard work sparks a whole new generation. what a lovely event! : D