Friday, August 5, 2016

Tween Fashion Friday - Gianna

This is the fifth tween paper doll! I'm having a great time creating these! I wanted to create a set of basic clothing to mix and match with the previous four sets, so today's paper doll is mainly jeans & some neutral shoes.  There's a little color, too, just because I couldn't help myself.

I like to learn new skills when I can, and this week I came across a mandala tutorial for Illustrator.  It took some time & I learned some new techniques along the way.  I created the mandala in Gianna's wardrobe using the tutorial.  It wasn't perfectly symmetrical but a "hand-drawn" texture brush in Illustrator helped a great deal.  This seemed like the perfect opportunity to use my little mandala!

Also, Nia and Gianna have the same skin tone, so they can mix & match shoes.  I'm trying to be a bit more sparing in the skin tones I use.  My fashion dolls have somewhere around 15 skin tone variations and that's a bit much....!


  1. Paper doll skintones are hard aren't they? I think I use about 7, but the one's I struggle with are Asian skintones with a yellow undertone. It's super hard to not make it look "too yellow" or like they hare suffering from jaundice. I'm the same way with "basics" sets, I find I end up always adding something "not basic", but I think how these Teen dolls mix and match is really dynamic.

    1. Skintones are super hard! I'm trying to limit myself with this project, mainly because of the shoes.

      I'm also trying to think of these tweens more as a long-term project or group than as individual sheets. It's causing me to plan a little bit better and create things like a "basics" set!