Friday, February 26, 2016

Fashion Friday - Zookeeper Accessories

I don't have a paper doll today.  Instead, I have a sheet of accessories to go with last week's zookeeper/paleontologist/explorer paper doll!

I've been thinking more & more about how to increase the variety of paper doll sets without completely going crazy in the process.  Maybe sheets with dolls and separate sheets with wardrobes? I dunno yet.... I want to create a preteen to go with the teen/adult and toddler body types, so that's really the next big thing on the list.

I couldn't decide exactly what to include here at first.  I really wanted a lion, so that needed to fit.  And I tried to fit in a monkey last week, so I really wanted that.  And then the suggestion of a paleontologist  (thanks, boots!!), I wanted to include fossils and tools. And finally, I had the map from a previous project, so I added that for good measure.

Not only would this sheet work well with Tabitha, I have a toddler from last summer who could easily be a younger version of Tabitha -- Sparrow!


  1. ahhhhhhhh! this is the most awesome thing ever!

    just look at that adorable lion!

    so well done. such a neat set of extras. i'm so totally jealous! hahaha

    1. Thanks so much! I'm glad I did it -- it was a great suggestion. Clearly I didn't play with paper dolls the way everyone else did as a kid. I just dressed mine up :) My nieces loved this accessory set, too. They asked for sports dolls because they like to set up their paper dolls to play basketball. I never actually played with my paper dolls like that. That's what I did with my Barbies.

      And I was lucky to find some really great reference images to work with. The fossil set is my favorite, easily.

  2. I am SO happy you did animals! If you ever want to chat about "blog diversity" of paper doll series- drop me a note and I can tell you both what I LOVE about my system and what I LOATH about my system.

    I have always struggled to draw animals, but I adore how yours turned out!

    1. Thanks! It was nice to try something outside of my comfort zone again. I rarely think about how kids play with paper dolls aside from making sure the clothing fits correctly. I'm used to creating in a solitary bubble and input really helps, both from the folks who read this little blog & the kids I encounter who actually play with this stuff!

      I will definitely email you this week -- I have oodles of questions and would love your input! It's a generous offer that I will happily take you up on :)