Friday, January 29, 2016

Fashion Friday - Georgia

This doll is late.  That in itself is a miracle because I was going to skip today altogether.  I've had The Death Cold of the Apocalypse.  Or pneumonia.  I'm not sure.  My day started at 8am today -- a highly unusual occurrence.  And I immediately jumped into panic mode because I bring my oldest son to school at 8:20.  Lucky for me, my husband is home today (which I forgot while in panic mode) and he had everything well under control.

So long story short, I'm feeling slightly better and was able to put this doll together.

Today I have an artist paper doll, mainly because most of the parts were already created.  I have an artist paper doll on the back of my business card and I was able to borrow part of that for this set.  Just one of the wonderful things about working in vector -- infinite lossless scale! I also used the pattern from the simple flower tutorial and that saved some time, too.

My artist paper doll is named for Georgia O'Keefe but in no way at all resembles her.  That would be a fun project: women artist paper dolls.  I'll put it on my ever expanding list of projects. One day, I'll take the time to create a backlog of posts.  Maybe.

Anyway, enjoy the artist paper doll!  


  1. I love her pallet and brush and the pattern on that dress looks fantastic. I confess that I am nearly out of backlog myself, really down at the wire right now. So, Saturday I have a date with a movie and my pencils.

    1. I never have backlog... I really should! This is one of the few sets with accessories. I always lost accessories with paper dolls so I rarely create them.

  2. i always lost my accessories too (which is probably why i rarely make any as well ~ ha!). but i'm glad you did here because the paintbrush and palette are really cool!

    my backlog is dwindling as well. like Rachel, i'm drawing today. i don't like getting too far ahead of myself, but having stuff in the wings has its advantages.