Monday, January 4, 2016

Chanel Paper Doll

First of all, happy New Year!  I was not ambitious enough to post anything on Friday.  The December paper doll was plenty ambitious and I needed a short break.  Do you love the new background? I do! It was time for a change!

Speaking of..... thank you to everyone who came & saw the Santa paper dolls.  This December was the most popular month for my little blog ever!  Thanks :)

As far as the new year goes, I'm not much for making resolutions.  I did buy myself a sketchbook and I endeavor to draw every day.  There was a time when that just happened and I didn't think about it.  I'd like to get back to that and I'll post from that when it's relevant. Also, I'd like to post here more, preferably on Mondays and Fridays.  There are also some nebulous thoughts about trying Etsy again as instant downloads.

Today I want to share a paper doll I made for the Paper Doll Studio magazine.  The current issue (go order it here) features paper dolls inspired by Coco Chanel.

You can right-click and save these if you want to print them out.

I wanted to create a set with a coherent feel.  Color was the unifying element this time around.  My model ended up a bit curvier than I had anticipated but overall, I'm happy.

This set started with pencil & paper.  Most of my dolls do and I strongly encourage drawing every day! I'm trying so hard to do that myself.  Once the sketch was finished, I scanned it and inked it in Photoshop.  I printed out the finalized doll in blue and drew the outfits over it.  Then I went back to my scanner and finished everything up in Photoshop.

I'll be honest, I barely even remember making this set.  I made this months ago and I've been really absorbed with the December doll.  It's not a perfect set -- there are some things I would change -- but it came out nicely anyway.

I'll have a new fashion doll on Friday!


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks! I'm happy with how it turned out.

  2. super classy design! what a great era for chanel!

    : D

    1. It was really accidental. I grabbed a retrospective catalog and chose a bunch of things I liked. What I liked just happened to create a coherent theme!

      The gold is great. For some reason, gradients in Photoshop always work better for me than in Illustrator.

  3. She lovely. I adore Chanel of the 1920s. Also I like the new blog layout. It's fun.

    1. I like the 1920s, too. I searched high & low to get an Art Deco frame to suit this. I couldn't find one so I took a step back, looked at some source material, and created one out of a bunch of rectangles. The frame pulled everything together.

      In December, I realized that I have never changed the layout or background of the blog. It was time. So a dug out a bunch of stuff that I liked & created a collage. It isn't *quite* seamless, but I can live with it!

  4. Nice post :)
    Maria V.