Friday, June 12, 2015

Fashion Friday - Camille

My computer is back up & running.  I was lucky that it was a simple fix this time. I love drawing on my Surface way too much to switch to something else, despite it's obvious flaws.....

In keeping with my Japanese theme for this month, I have something a little different today.  The Museum of Fine Arts in Boston has a lovely collection of Asian art as well as Impressionist art.  One painting that spans both is La Japonaise by Claude Monet.  This is a painting of his wife, Camille, in a blonde wig and Japanese kimono.  It's returning to the MFA after conservation & a tour abroad.

This painting seemed like a fitting subject for a paper doll! Now, I'm not sure what Camille Monet wore under HER kimono, so I kept the doll base the same as all of the others.  I'm not totally sure about the accuracy of the kimono either.  The painting shows figure in profile, so I had to guess at the front of this.  Check out the MFA's page on the painting here.

Maybe I'll do a whole series of art paper dolls.  How fun would that be?!  Anyway, enjoy!

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