Monday, June 1, 2015

Fantasy Paper Doll: An Archery Costume

Happy June! I can't believe it's already June! I feel like I was just wrapping up my Christmas paper doll and that was about six months ago....

So today I have another installment of the fantasy paper doll.  It's an archery costume.  It's meant to be a fur-trimmed leather vest & boots.  I'll admit, the hand holding the bow is not great.  Part of this project is learning to let go, so I'm letting it go!

Little known fact: I own a bow.  I shot with my father (and sometimes my uncle) quite a bit as a teen/young adult.  I haven't shot since having kids.  Another thing on my list of things to get back to (at least I'm oil painting again!)...

You can find the doll that goes with this outfit here.

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