Thursday, December 11, 2014

December Paper Doll - Outfit 5 in Red

This is only barely a "red" outfit.  It's really more of a pink. Who ever said that pink isn't a holiday color?!

Again, this dress is made up of patterns I tweaked in Illustrator and then used in Photoshop.  Some of the patterns in the set that I downloaded were really charming, like the bird pattern I used in the top section of the skirt. Don't be surprised if these patterns & colors show up again in some future projects!

Green tomorrow, pdf forthcoming.


  1. There is something very sweet and a little bit Lolita feeling about these two outfits. You're right. That bird pattern is totally a keeper.

  2. thanks! I'll admit, the little I know about Lolita fashion comes from you & Liana. Maybe a theme to explore soon... This was actually based on a little girl's dress that I saw on Pinterest (and didn't bother to actually pin, of course). She had a striped shirt and a multi-tiered, ruffle skirt in three different patterns. I loved it! I need to get more organized and keep track of the things I find!