Sunday, December 21, 2014

December Paper Doll - Outfit 10 in Red

Yesterday's outfit was a sweater and skirt with work boots.  Today is the red version of that. It's no secret that I use a blend of brushes and textures that I created and that I find. This one is pretty much all found images.  I'm a big fan of Wikimedia Commons.  There are tons of public domain and Creative Commons images.

I was less diligent about using commercial use brushes and textures with this set primarily because I don't plan on selling these images. To be truly safe as far as copyright is concerned, I should make all of my own textures.  Someday... For now, I'm grateful for all of the awesome things out in the world for me to use.  Like the person who uploaded a picture of work boots to Wikimedia Commons that provided exactly the texture I needed!

A new green outfit tomorrow and pdf to come!


  1. I love how both these sweaters came out. They are really darling.

    1. Thank you! I love these, too. For this whole set, I was really lucky to find (or, in rare cases, create) exactly the textures I needed. This is a perfect example of that!