Tuesday, July 25, 2017

The Eclectic Wardrobe of Joesphine - Page 18

Today's another installment of Josephine.  I'd like to say I have some grand inspiration for this set. I don't.  There was a stash of fabric swatches on my computer that I had forgotten about & that was the inspiration for this set.

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My other inspiration was the apple set from a while back.  In putting the Josephine book together, I'm trying to add more mix and match options.  Some pages have been easy, others have not.  I have one more page to add and then I'm going to print the book & see how it looks.  I'm also still picking away at the At the Beach companion book.  It's slow going....


  1. I love that tweedy looking pencil skirt.

  2. Josephine has sucha rich wardrobe ~ and it's cool to see how a lot of these pieces can mix and match from one sheet to another.