Friday, April 21, 2017

Tween Fashion Friday - Maia

My oldest son has been home on his April vacation this week.  It's nice to hang out with both of my boys and we've done a ton of fun stuff this week including a trip to the zoo & the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston.  It's been a busy week!!

Today's doll isn't terribly elaborate, simply because I've been so busy this week.

In order to meet my own deadline, I used a pattern from my collection of graphics.  I customized the colors with a bright spring palette.  All of the trees around here are budding & blooming and I just HAD to use some spring colors!

There should be a Josephine on Tuesday, so look for that!


  1. maybe not elaborate, but so much fun! totally dig the pattern and the design on the T is lovely! you make pastels look good to me. : D

    1. I'm not a big pastels person either, but it did feel very spring-y.

      So I need to admit something: I have a digital hoarding issue. I'm the sort of person who has a thousand fonts on my computer (no, really - I have 996 at the moment. It's out of hand). This pattern is from one of many, many, many resource packs I've picked up over the years. Sometimes, I don't have the time or energy to create a graphic. Sometimes, I need something for a specific project. And sometimes, I just like pretty things :)

      I have a problem. And I'm ok with it!!

    2. hahahaha ~ some problems don't NEED to be fixed. ; D