Thursday, March 17, 2016

Happy St Patrick's Day!

Paper Doll Studio Magazine (you can subscribe or order individual issues here) was looking for holiday themed submissions for an upcoming issue.  I thought about sending part of the Santa and Mrs Claus set (you can grab the book here) or maybe coloring one of the wacky holiday Kawaii Kids from way back in 2013.  Instead, I decided to tweak one of the Jane dolls and create a St Patrick's Day paper doll.

Right-click on the image to download and save it for printing.

I think I'm done with the Jane templates.  Something about these bugs me every time I look at them.  I think the arms are too long.  Honestly, I'm getting tired of rehashing old stuff instead of creating new stuff.  This is cute and I like it well enough, but I have more I want to do and revisiting old projects is just holding me back.

Anyway, look for this in the magazine & print out your own copy!

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