Friday, September 25, 2015

Toddler Fashion Friday - Karasi

I learned a very valuable lesson last week -- people LOVE these toddler paper dolls!  As much as I love creating paper dolls in a variety of techniques and styles, these are by far the most popular of my paper dolls.

Recently, I bought a pack of hand-drawn icons for a different project.  It's a great set, and I thought it would make a cute back-to-school pattern.  So I colored the icons & created a pattern specifically for this doll.  It isn't a secret that I don't create every single pattern.  I try to find balance between being an artist (create everything from scratch! It's the only "authentic" way!!) and being a designer (assemble assets in an awesome way).  I also try to be as transparent as possible about what I create and what I borrow.  It really just comes down to this: some people are better at created certain things than I am and I'm ok with that.

This is also the first toddler paper doll that isn't based on a previous doll!  I really wanted to create a back-to-school themed doll before the end of September.  My son is in school and loving it, thankfully! I wanted to give her a name that meant wisdom and I went with Karasi.  In my search, this popped up as an African name meaning wisdom.  "African" as a language seems kinda dubious to me.  It's not like the entire continent had a unified language anymore than any other continent would.  But I liked the name and went with it.

The pattern is the real centerpiece of this set and I hope you like it as much as I do!  Have fun!


  1. She's uber cute. I love the hair bows.

    I think it is always interesting what ends up being most popular on a site. I know sometimes I am surprised by what my readers respond to most passionately.

    1. I'm always surprised by what's popular, too. Sometimes I think I'm going to hit it out of the park with something, and then almost no one responds to it. And then I do something on a lark (like these toddlers) and it really strikes a chord.

      And let's be honest: yes, I create these for the enjoyment of creating them, but if I didn't love the attention, I wouldn't put them out into the world!!