Friday, April 3, 2015

A Family at Easter Paper Doll Set

First off, just a tiny little rant: I replaced my Surface Pro 3 AGAIN this week.  The folks at the Microsoft store were super helpful (and so awesome to my kids!) but seriously, I'm tired of replacing my computer ever 90 days.  This time, the touch screen malfunctioned.  Kind of a problem since that's the whole reason I bought this computer!  Anyway, they replaced my machine & that's great, but Microsoft -- please get your act together with the Surface. It has the potential to be amazing. Thanks :)

Now that I got that out of the way, I have an Easter family paper doll set this week!

This set has a mom, dad, and toddler.  Well, that's how I think of it anyway!  If you'd like a family with a different configuration, all of this outfits fit all of the previous paper dolls.  Maybe not the hats, though.  That might take a little experimenting!

Each set is named after something spring-ish.  The mom is Dahlia. She's got a sweater and skirt as well as the dress from the cover.

Robin, the dad, has an outfit inspired by the mom & daughter.  I made his daisy pattern & plaid blue tones instead of pink tones.  And I love the grey!

And finally, little miss Ivy.  I skipped the mix & match wardrobe this time and went with just dresses.  Her hat is the same as Dahlia's.  I don't draw a lot of hats so if these are a little off, then, well, I guess I need more practice!

Also, I've started venturing into stock art.  I love creating vectors, so I thought I'd try selling them.  Some of the elements in this set are from this experimenting. You can find them here and here.

And one more note.  If you love the font on the paper doll cover as much as I do, you can get it here.  I grabbed it for free during a promo, but all of the Ornaments of Grace sets are gorgeous.  (And I don't know the artist or have any financial interest, etc.  Just sharing something I love! Good karma & such.... )

So to all of you celebrating Easter, enjoy it!  I'll be cooking for my in-laws and having a generally busy weekend!!


  1. True love is your husband willing to wear a matching outfit with you... maybe? Cute paper dolls, as always.

    Now that you have a husband and a wife and a toddler, I really think you need a disaffected teenager. She could be the only member of the family not smiling and have a nose ring or something.

    (I feel totally confident writing this, because I have photos from a month long trip my family took to Italy when I was 13 in which I am not smiling in a single photo! I was in Italy! This was amazing! I look like I'm about to be executed or something.)

  2. My husband would never wear a matching outfit! He'll humor me sometimes, though...

    And I LOVE the idea of a disaffected teen! I want to create one or two tiers between the toddler and adult dolls.

    I can relate to your Italy story. I was that teen, too. Pictures from our first family trip to Disney World when I was 17 are just like the ones you describe. I insisted we drive out to the Salvador Dali museum in St Petersburg. Like I could name my own terms for the vacation!!

  3. What a cute set! I especially like Robin's boater hat.