Friday, March 13, 2015

Toddler Fashion Friday - Nina

This week's paper doll is inspired by Norah and is my first dark skinned toddler doll.  I chose that term specifically -- I like to use dark, medium, and light to describe the skin tones of my paper dolls.  Not every person with dark skin is African-American, for instance.  And I personally can't stand the term "Caucasian". It describes a specific region and the people who live there.  It does not describe someone like me and my northern European heritage.  In general, I really don't care for a lot of terms that describe race. Why create categories for the vast, amazing beauty of humanity? I can only hope to represent a small slice of the endless, gorgeous combinations of hair, skin, and eye colors out in our amazing world.

Anyway, that's my rant.  I'm not interested in political discussions, but I felt the need to explain my naming conventions. I love creating a variety of pretty paper dolls.  Maybe they have dark skin and dark hair. Maybe they have light skin and red hair.  Or maybe green skin and purple hair!  I just hope they are all beautiful & that every child (or adult) who loves paper dolls can find one in my portfolio that represents them.

So here's Nina, in purple & yellow plaids. Enjoy!

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