Friday, February 13, 2015

Toddler Fashion Friday - Molly

I got a bit carried away with this week's doll and jammed in a couple of extra pieces!  It's just been so nice looking back on previous dolls and rethinking them.  The colors I used in Mia (especially the plaid) were perfectly suited to a toddler fashion wardrobe!

I probably should have posted as Valentine's themed doll.  I didn't.  It's been so cold and snowy here that all I can think about are blues & greys!! 

Also, I want to say thanks.  I don't say that nearly often enough.  February has been a big month for me as far as paper doll book sales.  I'm immensely proud of being a working artist (even if I'm not a pay-the-mortgage level working artist!!). Creating art is my vocation.  I happen to create paper dolls right now because I love it and it's a non-messy art form that I can do around my kids.  Every book sale, comment on the blog, social media share, etc, helps me keeps me doing the work I love.  And I'm glad so many people outside of my little corner of the universe enjoy what I do, too.

So thanks!  Have a happy Valentine's day.  And stay warm. Still.  We're in for another whopper of a storm in Boston!

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